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ECOTRADE IMPORT EXPORT COMPANY LIMITED is a leading Trader of FOOD COMMODITIES,FROZEN PAULTRY, LIVE STOCK, A4 PAPER, SUGAR, COOKING OILS ( refined and crude) in Turkey, with Registration number 972374We are also a reputed & highly trusted name in physical sugar trade since 1980.

The company has spread their operations through out the nation with supply of cooking oils,( Like, Sunflower oil, Soybean oil,Corn oil, Olive oil, palm oil, Canola oil etc) ,Paper, seeds, nuts(walnuts, cashew nuts, pecan nuts,pistachios etc) and sugar in all over Turkey, Oman,,china,Egypt, Ethopia ,Qatar, Portugal and many other countries

ECOTRADE IMPORT EXPORT COMPANY LIMITED was brought to life by Mr Mohamed Osman He ventured into Food industry,Refined and crude cooking oil trading with an intention to raise capital for his own independent enterprise.

Under his leadership, . The Company became the leading Trading house of Food commodities ,A4 ,A3 paper , scrap paper cooking oils to embrace new technology for faster, more effective and affordable services to all clients.

The company has mainly trading with various End Food production houses, oil refineries & corporate companies The Company has a Yearly Capability and Allocation of 100,000metric tons of each cooking oil , 50,000mt for Frozen Livestocks , 25000mt of Butter, Nutella, etc 25000mt of Nuts.

Origins of our products are within the range of , Turkey, Ukraine, Spain, Italy, Thailand,Brazil etcCompany supplies Internationally through sea, nationwide through trucks & rake (by Railway Transport).

The company Runs a Capital of 50,000,000usd

Company benefits their clients in number of ways, including fast and accurate order execution, personal attention for large & small clients, EKOTRADE also equips you with reliable research, based on technical and fundamental study.

Our research analysis creates wealth of informative resources and perhaps most important a focus dedicated to the client.Again proving our entrepreneurship and ethical business strategy we have an ever-increasing clientele.

Company has always committed to run business ethically and strive hard for creating awareness.Company has a one more step ahead towards Technical field.

The ECOTRADE IMPORT EXPORT COMPANY LIMITED leadership team with over 20 years of experience in the international wood busines sseeks to create and establish prosperous and long-term business partnerships accross the globe

Beware of scams!

Please if you are contacted by anyone claiming to be ECOTRADE IMPORT EXPORT COMPANY LIMITED, do well to verify that their email or address is one of those listed on our website or contact us for verification to avoid being scammed. ECOTRADE IMPORT EXPORT COMPANY LIMITED only operates offices in Turkey and Germany. Thanks for your understanding.

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